Jay Winburn, D.M.D., Dip. Ortho, FRCDC

Having graduated from the Ivy League, University of Pennsylvania, where he was awarded full scholarships for both his university and dental school, Dr Winburn has 35 years of clinical experience and over 25 years of teaching orthodontics.

He has been awarded fellowships to study and do research at the Johnston Foundation of Biophysics and Physical Biochemistry, the University of Illinois, Oxford University, and the University of Connecticut. He has received several National Research Council grants, and is presently working on a project in the National Research Council’s Biomedical Commercialization Canada’s incubator in Winnipeg. In his practice he uses new technology braces, with low force high technology wires, to provide comfortable, accurate treatment.

Dr. Winburn also prides himself on perfecting the “art” of the smile. His years of experience have taught him that there is much more to a beautiful smile then straight teeth. He takes great care to adjust the position of the teeth to enhance each individual’s facial features. Dr. Winburn is known for being easy to talk to and friendly to his patients and their families.