All three of our children required orthodontic help to pull their eye teeth into place. Our last child Evan, required dental surgery to expose the hidden eye teeth in the roof of his mouth. Dr. Winburn and staff took on the lengthy process of pulling these teeth into place and closing gaps between other teeth. When the process started almost 2 years ago,  Evan’s biggest wish was to have his braces off by graduation. Through diligence and hard work on everyone’s part, the braces came off today; 4 days before the deadline!! Thanks to Dr. Winburn and his wonderful staff, Evan will have a great smile from now on! Oh and the new office is sleek, modern, sanitary and VERY inviting for children, adults or anyone needing help with their teeth.

-Lynn Turner

We have had Dr. Winburn do the braces for both Mitch and Breanna. Jay and the staff have always been very professional and have been great about accommodating any emergencies that arise. I have found Dr. Winburn to be very particular about patient care and a quality end result, which the kids will benefit from for all of their lives.

-Tim Silversides, FCGA

Two of our children needed help from Dr. Winburn and his staff. The braces are off now and we couldn’t be happier with the end result. Both the kids love their new smiles and the overall process was a positive experience for both of them. As Samantha and Kurtis would say…..Dr. Jay you ROCK!!!

-Donna & Barry Cullen

Dr. Winburn is very personable and approachable; all the while remaining equally professional. We are very pleased with the results from the orthodontic treatment both of our children received. One of our children was not an easy cookie to deal with at all, but Jay handled it with ease and the result are great!! We would definitely recommend Dr. Winburn!!

-Shari Dressler

We have two sons and both of them required orthodontic work. Our oldest son Chad required very little work, whereas our other son Clint required extensive work; including complete jaw surgery. Dr. Winburn was extremely reasonable on his initial estimated cost and stood by this estimate even though the amount of time he dedicated to Clint went on for more years than originally planned. After years of regular and several non – scheduled emergency visits, both boys have amazing smiles thanks to Dr. Winburn!!

-Judy Whittingham

My son recently got his braces off and WOW – what a great change! I have another two and a half years to go and I know that the excellent service he got from Winburn Orthodontics will continue for me. Both of us have always had courteous, professional, friendly, fun and efficient service from everyone at Winburn. They know their stuff and go out of their way to offer quality excellence to all of their clients. And when I’ve broken a brace because I’m eating something I shouldn’t (sorry, Dr. Jay, sometimes I can’t resist!), the staff at Winburn always say ‘come on down right away and we’ll take care of it’. They are fun people and always make the process of wearing braces a pleasant one, even when they know the client may be uncomfortable. When I go for my appointments, I really feel like they know me and that I’m not just a ‘patient’. I highly recommend Winburn Orthodontics to anyone, not just because of how fantastic my son’s teeth turned out, but because of who they are and how they represent themselves. They are always available anytime in person or over the phone to answer questions or alleviate concerns. Everyone at Winburn Orthodontics, from Dr. Jay on down, exemplify strong, understanding, courteous, professional, patient, excellent, quality, friendly, efficient and fun service. They could definitely teach others in the customer service industry a lot!

– Susan Cable