Reputation and Experience

The vast majority of Winburn Orthodontics’ patients are referred by former patients.  Referral of patients by patients is the highest compliment any practitioner can receive.  It shows not only are the patients happy with the result but are pleased with the service and care they received.  An increasing number of Dr. Winburn’s patients are the children of patients he treated in the past indicating not only the immediate results were good but the long term stability of the results is also outstanding.

Many doctors wine and dine colleagues to get referrals, play golf with them, give them tickets to sporting and other events.  Dr. Winburn has never needed to engage in these activities.

Dr. Winburn has been an academic throughout his career and has taught orthodontics at the postdoctoral level.  Most practitioners involved with academics supervise residents in the clinic.  Dr. Winburn in addition has always lectured and been responsible for full courses.  His areas of expertise are biomechanics and treatment planning.  As a result of his reputation he has served as external examiner for graduate orthodontic programs.  All these experiences have assured that Dr. Winburn has not only kept abreast of the latest knowledge in the field but has taught and been the source of the latest knowledge for people entering orthodontics.  A significant number of Canada’s orthodontists are his past students.

In addition to teaching, Dr. Winburn’s forward thinking has involved him with research.  Dr. Winburn has been awarded a number of National Research Council grants.  His research has ranged from energy metabolism, to cellular differentiation (a key process in tooth movement), to the analysis of forces exerted by orthodontic wires, to computer modeling orthodontic treatment.  He has been awarded research fellowships to work at the Johnston Foundation of Biophysics and Physical Biochemistry, University of Oxford in England, University of Illinois and University of Connecticut.  He met the Nobel laureate Dr. Hans Krebs while working at the Johnston Foundation and was then invited by Dr Krebs to work in his laboratory at Oxford.

Dr. Winburn has over thirty years’ experience in clinical orthodontics.  He uses his unique knowledge of biomechanics to deliver advanced and efficient treatment to the benefit of his patients.  His years of experience has taught him that each patient, child or adult, is an individual.  He has learned gaining patient cooperation depends on understanding the needs of each patient.  He knows children aren’t “little adults” and they need to be motivated in age appropriate ways.  Dr. Winburn truly loves his work and this is because he has always enjoyed his patients.